Saturday, June 11, 2011

My two pregnancy inspirations

I can not continue to write this blog without mentioning two of my sisters from another mother that oh so inspired me during their amazing pregnancy not so long ago.  My two dear amazing girlfriends Cristina and Patricia.  They both became pregnant a couple of months apart last year and were very much a big part of my life during their pregnancy.  One lives in NY and the other in Miami.


My lovely sister Patricia and I met while taking a Flamenco Class in NYC some years ago.  She is one of the loveliest women I know and we quickly developed a great, amazing friendship.

I adore her and her husband Julio as well as their beautiful new born  baby girl Emma.  They have one of the most amazing marriages I have ever seen and now they share that love with their adorable baby.  What a perfect love story.

 My other lovely sister Cristina and I went to college together and over the years we lost each other as it happens in life and then found each other again thru Facebook as it happens in life.  Thank god. Reconnecting again was wonderful since we found out that even though time had passed we had many thing in common.  Months later she called me with the exciting news of being pregnant and on another day, that her baby shower would be at the end of Oct 2010 in Miami.  This was the perfect opportunity to see her again especially during such an amazing occasion.
To the left is her looking amazing in her baby shower and to the right is little precious baby Roman Parker Lloyd.  Thank you universe for bringing her back!

These two women were extremely instrumental in forming the very limited and dreadful ideas I had on pregnancy.  Both in their unique different ways showed me that pregnancy was as simple or complicated as you wanted it to be.  Now I am not claiming to be a medical anything and this is simply my opinion based on what I have seen and experience.  My thoughts are simple;  If you fill your head up with and expect the typical "supposable symptoms" of pregnancy such as being tired, nausea, vomiting, back pain, moodiness etc. then most likely that is what you will experience.  Both Cristina and Patricia suffered non of this and had smooth and amazing pregnancies which is an experience so few woman get to have.  I am sure by now you see why my two kick ass girls were so inspiring and at this point I wasn't even considering having a child and being pregnant.  Oh universe you are so wise and clever!

Final thought;  I wish there was more of this on TV, on movies, on the news, on books so us woman can embrace and celebrate this amazing, magical, miraculous gift we get to experience instead of fearing it and pushing it away, or depending so much on the opinion of books and/or doctors without trusting our amazing bodies that are so well equipped and innately trained to go through pregnancy.
Love Love Love - C.

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