Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reasons for starting this blog

So ladies (and gentleman) out there in cyberland.......I have gotten many many requests and have had many conversations with mostly girlfriends on somehow voicing out to the world how A WOMAN CAN actually have a absolutely magnificent experience during PREGNANCY.  At first I was like yea right, you guys are my friends and you love me therefore you will say such things to make me feel good.
However after some time passing and meeting many more other woman astounded at my experience thus far I started hearing the same thing from them.  They expressed how great it was to hear a woman talk about how fun the pregnancy experience is instead of how painful, dreadful, sickening, tiring and limiting it is.  THAT IS WHY I AM HERE making my blogging debut.  I want to share my experiences and pictures proving it so with you so woman can get a different take of the creation of a life!!!
I will update my ladies on the incredible journey of pregnancy, childbirth and living a ridiculously fun life during it.  Here we go!

I am going to start by giving you a little 411 on me.  My name is Claudia, I live in Brooklyn NY and currently 38 years old.  I am married and this is our first child. I am 6 months pregnant.
To be totally honest we did not plan to get pregnant which is kind of unusual since most woman my age are at the point where it's kind of now or never.  I did not have that feeling but new that eventually I wanted to have a child.  I recall going to my OBGYN when I had just turned either 36 or 37 with my husband and asking the million dollar question of what are my chances?  Of course the answer was very grim, very clinical and full of statistics.
I must admit that hearing that my egg count starts dropping quite fast after 30 blah blah blah was not really what I wanted to hear but I always hold what I hear from doctors as interesting information but not the absolute and total truth.  I like to live my life more on the premiss that I create my own reality and my body did not really own the information provided by my very old, male french GYNO.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is do to the way which we conceived little baby Sebastian.  The entire thing started by me getting this very loud annoying feeling in my gut that kept telling me to for what ever reason: go to Miami's Art Basel Weekend on the 1st week of Dec 2010 with hubby.  Now keeping in mind that back in May 2010 I had left my very well paying and secure job for the unknown to find bigger and better things to do with my life.
Also keeping in mind that I had just returned from a 10 day Miami trip having had a blast and spending much of the money that i did not have, this feeling of going to Art Basel continued to persist.
I remember checking flights and hotels everyday hoping to find something with in our budget but if you are trying to stay at a 5 star fabulous hotel the word budget does not apply.
To make a short story even shorter I hesitated, hesitated, hesitated till I could not take it anymore and booked the flight and our stay at the Shore Club hotel for 3 days and 2 nights.
My husband god bless his heart is very good at dealing with my craziness, my spontaneous ways and my enthusiasm for it all!  So along we went to our very short trip to Art Basel Miami.

We had an absolutely amazing time but contradictory to the event we did not see much art. Instead we concentrated on the amazing weather, great food, lots of interesting people, shopping, beach, sand, sun and lots of Mojito pitchers while lounging in our beach chairs.

All of this fun and relaxation lead to my husband to suggesting after a couple of pitchers of mojitos, the following:  LET'S GO UP TO THE ROOM AND MAKE A BABY!
My first reaction was WHAT? My second reaction was ARE YOU CRAZY? .........After mentioning it again, it seemed that the location, the weather, the drinks, the letting go of the NY hustle and the crazy fun we were having lead me to agree with such a suggestion so we went off.

After our beautiful love making session in our hotel room, he packed his bag and left for the airport.  I stayed an extra day to actually see some ART BASEL and meet some friends.
Now the last thing I would like to note is the very loving and sacred conversation I had in the room by myself with the little spirit that was about to enter the non yet physical body of our soon to be baby.
Of course I had no idea if I actually had become pregnant but I went with my gut and welcomed her or him and communicated all of the love that he/she would receive from us.  Later that day/night I went to the show, had dinner and a great time with friends and kind of forgot about the entire thing.

The conception story ends on December 31st.  As we were preparing to go out to a friends New Years Eve Party, I communicated to my husband the infamous phrase "I am late".
He seemed to be ecstatic while I was kind of freaking out a bit inside.......He ran to the corner store and returned with an EPT test.  We quickly went into the bathroom and so went the first test.  The result was positive which of course I did not believe and needed further proof.  A second test was in order since of course I was about to turn 38 in a month and how could it be FROM ONE TRY that I would get pregnant?  It goes against all of the blah blah blah that doctors, articles, websites, books etc. predict would happen.  So 15 minutes later the second test proved to be positive and his time I was positively SHOCKED, SURPRISED, SPEECHLESS, HAPPY etc.  I had spent thus far almost 38 years of my life without any real responsibilities TILL NOW.....  

That New Years Eve party was unlike any other and if you note in the picture of us I would definitely say we were both secretly glowing!

Hope you liked it and STAY TUNNED FOR MORE!!

Claudia, Billy & Sebastian