Thursday, June 16, 2011

The final ingredient

This was the final ingredient that created just the perfect amount of excitement for me to dance with the idea of making a baby.  It all started with my girlfriend Cristina and her baby shower in South Beach.    Flight was booked and off i went.  I had a great time seeing her again, met her husband, friends and saw her beautiful family. My reservation was till tuesday so we all had dinner, went out with her friends, managed to have a very important client visit from a side project I was working on and even snuck in an Empowered Woman's Summit held in the City of Miami.

In the midst of all of this my amazing friend Inna (Shapkina) and I revisited a conversation regarding something called "The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion" for the School of Womanly Arts which was happening the following weekend in Miami.  Now Inna had mentioned this to me before but I was not sure that something called Sister Goddess Reunion would be my cup of tea.  Just because I adore Inna and fully trusted her judgement I considered it.  I then thought I was already in Miami and since I was not under any time constraint I extend my South Beach stay for another 4 days.  I sacrificed and stayed longer to meet up with my super fun friend Inna for yet another interesting experience.

So I needed a hotel room since she was already staying with a friend at the Raleigh.  She went on some SG website and got me the phone number of a girl named Tina that was looking to come and needed a roommate.  I called her up, we totally connected on the phone and voila......we confirmed our stay together at a hotel next door.   Everything was working out to perfection.  Friday morning came, I packed my bag and moved over to the next hotel.  Checked in and then walked over to the Raleigh to meet Inna and her friend Erin.  This is where the Mama Gena experience really started.  The Raleigh is the hub or home base for everything Mama Gena in Miami.  As soon as you walk in pink boas & hundreds of woman take over this hotel.  There is an air of fun and excitement beaming from ever face.  It is very difficult to describe the entire weekend since there was so much going on from the day class in the Convention Center, to beach days, night events, lunches, dinners, hotel pool parties and everything in between however one thing I can say is that it left me in a state of ecstasy.  Inna, Tina, Erin and myself had a blast all weekend long.  Along the way we met Line from Denmark and Merry from Pittsburg along with hundreds of other amazing woman.

Everyone had their own particular reasons for being there but one thing we all had in common was the feeling we all shared from such an amazing weekend.  The truth is that many woman do not support each other, and being surrounded by so many positive uplifting fun sexy women was unlike anything I had every experienced before and such a breath of fresh air.  It was wonderful to experience another magnificent side of the female persona and I was forever grateful for being given this gift by my incredibly wise sister Inna.
I left Miami with such a high from beginning to end.

I spent 10 extraordinary days with incredible woman and when I got home I was so excited and full of energy it was contagious.

Two weeks after these 10 ecstatic, incredibly fun days I went back to Miami with my husband and we made a baby.  I really believe that the high of the entire experience, the woman I met, the possibilities that opened up, the things I learned, had all to do with the energy generating in me at the time of conception.  INCREDIBLE!!!
More on SWA later :)

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