Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mama Gena intro and signing up to Mastery

From a previous post you read about the School of Womanly Arts and my incredible weekend in the Miami Sister Goddess Reunion.  I am sure by now you know it did not end there.  How could it? How could I pass the opportunity of getting a taste of what all of these women had?  This course was held in NYC. This is where I live, could it be any easier?  So on January 20th I went to the Mama Gena Mastery Introduction.

The Intro was called a "Life Unbound" and it was fun, exciting and filled with NY woman who were as curious as I was to see what the course was all about.  I spoke to my dear friend Monique about it and she also came with to check it out.  The excitement after the Intro was undeniable and everyone was walking towards the back room to sign up for this incredible adventure.  I also wanted to sign up but my only concern was that the course would begin in March and go all the way through Mid-June and I was a bit skeptical at the thought of doing this while I was pregnant.  Only one person would be able to answer this question so I waited to speak to Mama Gena about her thoughts on the matter.  As soon as I asked she said that it would be absolutely perfect for me to take the course for I would be surrounded by woman that had gone through the same thing and would love and support me through it.

Also a very important documentary that I watched affected me tremendously by learning that a babies life starts in uteral and the environment the mother places her self in is particularly important during her pregnancy.  This sounded like the perfect ingredient.

My girlfriend Monique signed up, Tina, Line and Merry had already signed up and my dear friend Inna would be in Team Pleasure which are the people that assist through out the course.
I said F* it, signed up and followed my intuition once again.  I am starting to see how following ones gut makes life so much more fun.

My adventure with Mama Gena started on March 05, 2011 and that first weekend was mind blowing and incredible.  Over 200 woman from all over the world signed up and came.  The furthest one out came from Katar. Others traveled from Denmark as well as Canada and from all around the US.  There were woman from all backgrounds, ages, sizes and personalities.  I can not really give too much away but it was transformational for many including myself and this was the first weekend!

I heard and saw things that I have never seen before.  It's an interesting fact that in our society there is not much real education on honest female related topics that really explaining our history, our struggles, our truths & our previous limitations.  We have all of these ideas of how a woman should live their life however they are built and based on sad conditioning from previous rules, laws, regulations of ideas meant to keep us down, bound & controlled.  This is a forum which allows woman to explore everything that being a woman is, was and can be.  I truly believe that this type of education is necessary for every woman in the world.  My 200 sisters and I were now part of it.



  1. I absolutely love that you are embracing your pregnancy with such joy and taking the time to share your incredible journey with others. I had the most magnificent pregnancy and home birth with my daughter who is now one, and I am thrilled that you are teaching other women how hot, powerful and gorgeous pregnancy, labor and birth can be. Joining Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts was beyond brilliant and one of the hugest gifts you could possibly give to your little one on the way. THANK YOU for all you are doing!!!

  2. Thank you Jennifer! I have been so blessed with all of these different opportunities to grow and see that there is nothing to fear (but fear itself).
    I wish there was more of this in the mainstream media to change the perception of such a beautiful time for a woman. I so love and appreciate your support. LOVE CLAUDIA