Monday, July 25, 2011

Who says you can't have a blast during pregnancy?

Wow! I can not believe it's been more then a month since my last post.  I have had a super exciting month thus far full of parties, beach trips, dinners, lunches, etc and all of this in my 7th and 8th month of pregnancy.  Who says you can not have a great time during pregnancy? Take that pessimists!!!

So now we are going to go back in time to April.   One of the most exciting months of my pregnancy.

The first exciting news of the month was finding out the sex of the baby!  Hubby and I had a name picked out for either sex and for some reason we both thought that baby would be a girl.  I had been taking all of these courses with so many women and the Goddess was such a prominent word in my life, it seemed only natural.  Also B had a dream about a little girl in pig tails which was so vivid he was convinced baby would be a girl.
Life however is full of surprises and on our appointment day: April 1st, Fools Day:  We saw on the sonogram that baby was clearly a BOY!!! I hope he one day does not kill me for posting this picture of him so exposed.  
His name would be SEBASTIAN and the universe was very wise in giving us a boy.  I could not be happier to know that we would be guiding his little life towards being the happiest and best man he came to this physical world to be. 

View From top of the House
Mid - Month came an amazing week long getaway with Sierra Bender in her Goddess Bootcamp Level 1 coure in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  This was an incredible week with 30 other magnificent women from the Island and beyond.  We did everything from Yoga, Tantric Exercises, Beach Hiking, Drum circles, Sage Ceremonies, Picking your goddess card, dressing up like your goddess night, wild woman dance, sharing, sweat lodge, not to mention delicious food made for us especially every morning, noon and night by a local Goddess Chef Rebecca with nothing but local and super fresh ingredients.  Furthermore we stayed on the most amazing house on the beach with the incredible Rincon Sun greeting us every morning.

Because I was a bit scared of the changes my body would be going thru the intention I set for myself prior to the Bootcamp was to connect with my body.  I was on my 5th month or week 20 and so far I did not really have a very noticeable belly however everyone kept telling me that I would be popping very soon.

Crazy thing is that when I arrived to Rincon on saturday I was not big and by the time I left the beach my belly literally popped.  This picture is of me celebrating my belly for Goddess dress up night.  The goddess that came to me faced down chosen with my left hand of intuition was Sheela Nag-Gig, the goddess of Fertility, how fitting.  That night I let go of all of the exterior fears and embraced the sacred changes my body was going thru to make space for the growth of a little human life.  After I felt happy, lighter and amazing. 

Every single woman there was on their own journey and we all took such amazing care of each other like nothing I had ever experienced before.  The outcome of this week long journey was total acceptance of the changes to come.  I was at the right place at the right time.  My timing is perfect and elegant.  All worked out to perfection.  Thank you all for being part of such an amazing experience.  
How lucky am I?!

Now do not even think that my month of fun and excitement is over! After I returned to NY from PR I had another amazing trip planned.  This time it was for my Mastery Weekend # 3 in South Beach Miami. This was the trip i was feeling most skeptical about since SoBe is a party beach and I would be over 5 months pregnant. To my amazing surprise I too had a BLAST!  

I was surrounded by amazing friends and/or sister goddesses every single day that completely took care of me.  In the green dress is the amazing Leslie Turner which just happens to be a midwife.  In the white dress is the incredible Tina Farrell which just happens to be a Doctor and in the stripped dress is the delicious Monique Marco, Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Guru.  Could I be surrounded by any more genius???? Hello????  It makes me realize just how blessed I really have been....

I felt completely safe every day not to mention being blessed with phenomenal weather, the perfect Hotel "Raleigh", Mama Genas wisdom in the convention center by day and fun by night.  I was surprised and impressed by my stamina, my health and completely debunked again all of the negative things I had heard about pregnancy.

This month was a perfect example of all of the negative information we are fed about pregnancy and how completely the exact opposite it can be.

All I needed was a bit of courage to go through the fear of what I had heard could be and come out the winner on the other side with nothing but amazing experiences, memories and happiness.  All of these days directly contribute to the development of Sebastian.  I am sure that he can feel his Mama feeling happy and all of the chemicals my body was producing where going directly into his blood stream.   HERE'S TO BAKING A HAPPY BABY!!!!